Ian Belknap is a writer/performer living in Chicago. Currently he serves as the Dean of Mean at The Paper Machete, the Minister of Veracity for The Encylopedia Show , and Host and Overlord of WRITE CLUB.

His highly regarded live memoir show Wide Open Beaver Shot of My Heart: A Comedy With a Body Count debuted in the Rhino Theater Fest and was later produced at The Neo-Futurists. He is curator/host of the shows Something Wicked This Way Comes (seven deadly sins-themed monologues), which appeared at Rhino Fest and later at The Garage at Steppenwolf, and Ian’s Dog & Pony Show (it’s a big world of funny – let’s all play nice) which gathered solo performers, improv, sketch, and stand-up in a comedy mashup.

He used to be an actor, but did not find this sufficiently interesting to continue with it. He used to be a stand-up comedian, but had not the patience for it.

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